1st Blogger’s Tour. 18 Restaurants in 4 hours. That’s like 13.5 minutes to shoot and eat in each of the participating food establishment (not counting pee breaks and eye blinks). Moreover, the blogger teams (go Orange!) had to present and have their “spot passes” signed in each of the ‘spot’.

Each shop was an experience, but some stood out. Allow this blogger to recognize them accordingly on a personal level. I call them the ‘hot spots’ in this tour.

Hot Spots

Cyma Trinoma Cooking Flare Ruby Tuesday and Cyma got my fancy for their generous servings. They brought ‘food tasting’ to a new level; they had full servings for each blogger! We could have stayed in these two spots and eat all afternoon! It came to a point that we had to tell them to stop serving the dishes (what!?!) coz we had to move on to the next spot! I never thought I’d refuse free gourmet food. **

Ruby Tuesday Burger Minis

Bubba Gump Bubba Gump provided a unique ambience. Their menu design, table & chairs and interiors brought us to a different place. They also prepared a ‘Forrest Gump’ inspired room & buffet. **

Five Cows

Two shops revealed to be the most accommodating and informative. The blogger friendly spots are Five Cows and again, Cyma. The former’s managers were very pleasant (I also had my camera charged there =) ). The staff even lent us their ‘cow hats’ for the girl’s photo op. Cyma made us appreciate the goodness of Greek food. For a while, it’s like having a crash course on Greek food and culture while tasting them at the same time. And all this came from no less than chef and partner Mr. Robby Goco. **

Lastly of course, are the outstanding sweet finds from Cafe Breton’s Deja Vu, Five Cow’s Triple Choco Bombe & Mango Cheesecake, and Cyma’s Molten Chocolate Cake. There are two more from Cafe Breton but I forgot their names (due to its goodness, perhaps?). Food labels do help you know (see Five Cows pics).**


Other interestingly good finds are Haiku’s Oyako Roll and Salad, Ruby Tuesday’s Ruby Burger Minis, La Maison’s La Maison Spareribs & Recipes’ General’s Chicken. I was excited to try some new interestingly flavored Krispy Kreme doughnuts but was limited to the ‘original glazed’ and coffee, so there’s nothing new to review. Hopefully the Bonifacio HS branch would offer varied choices on Monday.


Other spots included Fish & Co., Itallianis, Starbucks, Holy Cow, The Madison Grill, Red Box, Cold Rock and TGIF.


** Specific food reviews to be posted on future posts
* Pictures from © 2008