Five Cows FacadeMore than just ice cream, Five Cows serves a wide array of appetizers, soups, salads, pizza, and hot meals.

Their main courses include Chicken Barbecue, Fish & Chips, Grilled Rib Strips, and Monster Rib Eye Steak which can weigh upto a quarter of a kilo (inset picture), among others.

The owners wanted to expand the concept of ice cream so they added a number of dairy-based treats as well.© Monster Rib Eye Steak

Their sweet treats are particularly developed for the ice creamaholics such as the Cappuccino Pop(P140+), Belgian Chocolate Mint and S’mores Cake. Be prepared though when you order the Flaming Alaska (P210+). This assorted-ice-cream-flavors-filled treat with chocolate cookies, nuts and smothered with meringue comes with the ringing of an authentic cow bell while being served in flaming rum.

You can check out this relatively new place having only opened last July 2007 at the 4th level of Trinoma.

*Labeled images are from Five Cow’s press kit.
Five Cow\'s Smores CakeFive Cows Belgian Chocolate Mint

Five Cows\' Flaming Alaska