Italiannis-sicilian-chicken-saladItalianni’s has a new ‘extra’ surprise in pursuit of their customer’s “complete dining experience”. Every time you dine, you will be treated to some mysterious “extras”. These may be a free salad, pasta, or any of their well loved dishes.

Don’t think about it, just be surprised, like we did when they invited us last June 17 for the experience in coordination with The menu consisted of Caesar salad, appetizers spinach & artichoke formagio, fried calamari and generous servings of main courses penne arrabiato and parmesan crusted fish fillet, among others. Almost everything satisfied my taste buds but my favorite in the group was the big plate of Sicilian chicken salad in partner with my kiwi shake. Yum!

Italiannis-spinach-artichoke-formaggioAnd now here come the ‘extras’….hmm….what could it be? It turned out to be bakery pastries, desserts and orange amaretto. Being a sweets blog, the baked pastries and desserts deserve a separate post.=) Watch out soon.

So who decides what the extras would be?…the managers and staff. They check out your list of orders and thinks of what it may be lacking in some way to complete it. If your order’s missing dessert, it would be a good candidate.

This campaign started sometime May and would run until August of this year. But who knows, it might just get some ‘extra’ extension. You have 12 branches to choose from including Bonifacio High Street where we had this sumptuous lunch.