TasteAsia-BuffetThe ‘Buhay Coke, Buksan Mo’ jingle was in my head as I was on my way to this Coke-SM Hypermart sponsored party for invited bloggers held last June 27 at Taste Asia, Mall of Asia. The event could be described as a cool night of food, of course-Coke, booze, party and prizes.

The Food
Read my TongueI had to take three rounds of dinner. But before you react, that is because there are also three sets of buffet. Two of which are from Reyes Barbecue and Sizzling Plate. I just had to taste all of them albeit in small servings. =) This is actually my first time in Taste Asia. I previously assumed that it was some sort of the usual restaurant. It turned out to be a collection of food stalls where you can also buy raw fish/seafood and have it cooked ala-dampa-style.

The Night
Aside from the usual party gimmicks, there also was the devil-angel ala-coke-commercial costume contest and some street magic care of Kel at the latter part of the night.Party Mode

The Take Home
A case of Coke Zero for everyone who can carry them and 2 Imax tickets for succumbing to an embarrassing banana dance contest (I hope no one filmed/vlogged about it. =)Imax plus Coke Case