This blog will talk about sweet delights that touches the palate, where you can find them, and “more”.

It would also contain raves, rants and reviews on different dishes, cuisines, and resto spots. The reviews for food establishments will be under ‘HotSpots‘, while reviews that focuses on a specific dish/entree, dessert and sweet delights in ‘Sweetisfaction ‘.

The features (non-review posts) on restos, sweet food, and non-sweet food can be found under ‘Somewhere Yummy‘, ‘Something Sweet‘ and ‘Something More‘, respectively.

Jonel Uy

When it comes to food, this blogger has the sweet tooth. One of his favorite is a Filipino icy concoction of native sweet ingredients, milk and ice cream called “Halo-halo”. In his late 20s, this blogger is also a local traveler, web development manager, feeling photographer, trusted online retailer, entrepreneur wannabe, investor, stock trader, and surfer-kuno.

Portrait by Jolan form

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