Beef Udon

Beef Udon

I love Yoshinoya’s udon servings. The noodle soup has that herb-like taste which gives it the traditional oriental twist.

Yoshinoya Free Iced Tea Promo

Yoshinoya Free Iced Tea Promo

For this merienda, it has to be the Beef Udon. I would also like to note that they have a current promo of free iced tea for every order of any udon from 2-6pm. It started June 15 and will run for 3 months. As expected, the Beef Udon tasted great and the iced tea was just right not being too sweet.

And now, the negatives – The ice tea was not refillable (this is a minor thing though). The big one is that I have observed that the short and thinly sliced beef strips were limited to two and the noodles were not as much as before. Is this the effect of the 11.2% inflation rate for June08?! Or maybe the cook was just in a hurry haphazardly picking up a minimal amount of beef strips and noodles. =)

Buti na lang masarap!(At least the meal tasted good).


Break time for food related posts. Being new in the blogging world, I’m giving my share in the The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008
organized by Ms. Janette Toral for the 2nd year.

As much as I would like to nominate my own publicized blogs Travel-Tayo & Something Sweet & More, I decided not to do so. =)

Anyway, my Top 10 3 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008 are:
Manila Foodistas

Music Picks ni Ed Arevalo

Filipino Voices

These are so far my votes, I have yet to read more blogs and decide…hopefully maka-abot sa cut-off date. =)




And here goes the next 7 to complete my list. The major criteria I personally used in coming up with the list are

  • Influential Aspect – its ability to impact upon its readers
  • Content – relevance of content
  • Maintained – more or less regular posting
  • Focus – has focus on a chosen niche

04 You Got Tech
05 The NOT So Talented Mr. Montano?
06 Build That Geek
07 AmongEd.Org
08 Mar Roxas for President in 2010
09 Lakwatsero
10 Davao Delicious

I’d usually go primarily for content (reason why #4 is there), but since this is mainly about being “influential”, #5 has a lot of this; although I’m not necessarily a fan of it. #6 may not be influential ‘yet’, but at age 16, this one has got a great potential.

Political blogs are naturally influential especially if the subject is controversial. These two covered the other criteria quite well earning them the 7th & 8th position. #9 & #10 capped it off being related to my blog-loves, travel and food. They’re influential in their own rites. =)

Also check these other sites I have considered in the process.,,,, ,

Ponds Sampler Kit

Ponds Sampler Kit

Beauty, Pond’s items, performances, games, food and an Indonesian song number filled the Taste of Beauty gathering last night at Taste Asia.

Downside: No pond’s age miracle cream for guys; not even a sampler. Hey, I could have given them to my mom, or granny, or sister,…yaya…our neighber… our neighbor’s mother, granny, sister,… =)

Snap Shots

Snap Shots

Enough of the event, how about the product? For men, it’s all about the results. See picture below. Period.

Taste of Beauty

Taste of Beauty

*More snapshots at

TasteAsia-BuffetThe ‘Buhay Coke, Buksan Mo’ jingle was in my head as I was on my way to this Coke-SM Hypermart sponsored party for invited bloggers held last June 27 at Taste Asia, Mall of Asia. The event could be described as a cool night of food, of course-Coke, booze, party and prizes.

The Food
Read my TongueI had to take three rounds of dinner. But before you react, that is because there are also three sets of buffet. Two of which are from Reyes Barbecue and Sizzling Plate. I just had to taste all of them albeit in small servings. =) This is actually my first time in Taste Asia. I previously assumed that it was some sort of the usual restaurant. It turned out to be a collection of food stalls where you can also buy raw fish/seafood and have it cooked ala-dampa-style.

The Night
Aside from the usual party gimmicks, there also was the devil-angel ala-coke-commercial costume contest and some street magic care of Kel at the latter part of the night.Party Mode

The Take Home
A case of Coke Zero for everyone who can carry them and 2 Imax tickets for succumbing to an embarrassing banana dance contest (I hope no one filmed/vlogged about it. =)Imax plus Coke Case

Coffee BeanandTea Leaf High StreetIn conjunction to CBTL’s ‘What’s Your Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Story?’ campaign, they sponsored the recently concluded Flash Creativity Workshop yesterday, June 24, for the blogging community at their High Street branch.

It aimed to share some basic techniques in the fields of creative writing, photography and short film. I was actually surprised to learn at the event that we would only have to choose 1 from among the 3 sessions. It made sense though with the limited time. I found it hard to choose at first since I’m interested in all them but eventually decided to take the short film workshop. I thought that it is the rarest among the three (in my perception) and this is my chance to take a glimpse on film making. =) The workshop was interesting and short film turned out to have a lot in common with photography, from framing, to composition, and angles, among others.

Short Film Session & Group Mates Benj, Kel, Coy,& Fritz

I bet the other participants learned a lot as well since the speakers were experts from each of their own field. Mr. Dean Alfar handled the creative writing workshop, Mr. Jay Tablante for the photography part and our very own Mr. Mike Cabardo for the short film session.

The Mentors & Judges (left-right) Mr. Dean Alfar, Mr. Jay Tablante and Mr. Mike Cabardo

The workshoppers also produced their own entries (the hands-on part) and three winners from each session were declared. One among which went to Markku Seguerra, a fellow blogger and friend from the IT industry, for his entry in the photography session. (partial image of the winning entry on background)

Markku Seguerra

I was not able to take pictures of the served food. I was too hungry then to consider that. =)

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