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BK Steak House

BK Steak House

Burger King started August having bloggers experience their own BK moments. With four sets of Foursome Awesome with 3 more of their friends, they got to experience the food and amenities of dining in a BK branch.

The BK Experience

The BK Experience

Having been a BK customer for so long, I am pretty much aware of the BK experience. But let me illustrate it through the picture on the left. Although I haven’t personally tried their massage service, I think it’s a unique selling point other establishments don’t have. And of course, my favorite — and I believe other blogger’s too — the free WiFi connection. Did I mention that they have no qualms over using their electrical outlets?

With great food and dining experience, truly Burger King is more than your regular fast food joint where you can have it your way.

BK Awesome Foursome

BK Awesome Foursome

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