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“Good morning Sir Arthur,” greeted my favorite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf barista. “Would you want your usual brewed coffee?” She continued, with a smile. “Café Americano for today, Michaela,” I replied with a glimpse of smile.

As I sat in my favorite corner of the shop and began to take my first sip of espresso, I saw an old man. He was seated at the next table reading the morning paper. You could tell his age from the deep lines written on his forehead and the corners of his eyes. He reminded me of my father. I took a second sip while soft tears partly filled my eyes.

I grew up practically away from him. Tatay Arturo, as his fellow coffee bean farmers used to call him, chose to stay in Batangas while he sent me to school in old Manila. It was only during summertime when I get to go to the farm with ‘tatay’. As a child, I was allowed to clean the red beans freshly plucked from the farm. When I became a young man, I was then able to assist in roasting the beans, the traditional way. During these times, the aroma of the Arabica beans would fill the whole town plaza.

Before the summer ends, tatay would always remind me to do well in school, to have a better future, and not be like him – a struggling coffee bean farmer. The arrangement stayed that way until my last year in high school, when he died.

Every time I drink coffee and smell the aroma of newly roasted beans, I shall remember my father, my tatay who plucked coffee beans to raise his son.

Upon finishing my espresso, I stood and bade Michaela goodbye, at least temporarily, because I’ll see her again next Sunday.

*A Fictional Essay/Short Story for What’s Your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Story

If you think I deserve a merit, please feel free to vote for me HERE. Thanks in Advance. =)

I also submitted entries for the Photo section entitled “The CBTL Ambiance” and “Life is Full of Choices“. You may vote for the photos by clicking the links.


Coffee BeanandTea Leaf High StreetIn conjunction to CBTL’s ‘What’s Your Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Story?’ campaign, they sponsored the recently concluded Flash Creativity Workshop yesterday, June 24, for the blogging community at their High Street branch.

It aimed to share some basic techniques in the fields of creative writing, photography and short film. I was actually surprised to learn at the event that we would only have to choose 1 from among the 3 sessions. It made sense though with the limited time. I found it hard to choose at first since I’m interested in all them but eventually decided to take the short film workshop. I thought that it is the rarest among the three (in my perception) and this is my chance to take a glimpse on film making. =) The workshop was interesting and short film turned out to have a lot in common with photography, from framing, to composition, and angles, among others.

Short Film Session & Group Mates Benj, Kel, Coy,& Fritz

I bet the other participants learned a lot as well since the speakers were experts from each of their own field. Mr. Dean Alfar handled the creative writing workshop, Mr. Jay Tablante for the photography part and our very own Mr. Mike Cabardo for the short film session.

The Mentors & Judges (left-right) Mr. Dean Alfar, Mr. Jay Tablante and Mr. Mike Cabardo

The workshoppers also produced their own entries (the hands-on part) and three winners from each session were declared. One among which went to Markku Seguerra, a fellow blogger and friend from the IT industry, for his entry in the photography session. (partial image of the winning entry on background)

Markku Seguerra

I was not able to take pictures of the served food. I was too hungry then to consider that. =)

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